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Experiencing Rectal Bleeding? What You Should Know


Rectal bleeding is a symptom that many people experience and few know much about. If you have recently experienced rectal bleeding, you may wonder what could be causing the problem and what you should do about it.

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Cysts and Sores in the Buttock Crease May Be Pilonidal Disease


Toward the bottom of your spine, where your buttocks split, is a crease called the gluteal cleft. Problems with the gluteal cleft are very common. In some people, hairs will grow in the skin of the buttock crease and become infected. The resulting cysts cause a variety of problems known as pilonidal disease.

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Why You Shouldn't Avoid Colonoscopies


People sometimes dread colonoscopies so much that they skip the procedure. Fear of the results, the necessary preparation, the cost of the procedure, lack of knowledge about the need for the procedure, and a dislike for the procedure all contribute to people avoiding colonoscopies.

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